Mineral Balm

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Roodt Mineral balm is our intense calming cream so stressed skin can get healthy, hydrated, soft and smooth.

Purposed with 22% zinc oxide, skin is sheltered and safe. Our natural barrier cream includes an array of natural skin heåling ingredients, butters and oils. 

Soothe redness and cool itchy dry skin with our deeply nourishing zinc skin repairing cream

Use for: redness or irritation. This multipurpose skin care product is made for bumps, bites, cuts, scrapes, flaky skin, cracked heels, dry elbows, sunburn, dry lips, razor burn, slight burns, skin abrasions,  and MUCH MUCH more. Gentle for sensitive skin, babies and kids.


125ml- travel size. This is a must for any mommas handbag!

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