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Roodt Boerseep is proudly South African and a natural Laundry soap and stain remover.. Nothing is more perfect for hand laundering and to rub onto stained clothes than Roodt boerseep. The ingredients are natural, gentle on laundry, and leave no harmful chemical residue on clothes. It is 100% biodegradable making it a great environment-friendly option especially if you are recycling your laundry water.

This chemical-free soap is suitable to use in cold or warm water. Effective and economical. This is a great multipurpose soap for all your daily needs in and around the house: stains, dogs, household, and more.

How to use:

ROODT Boerseep will replace all chemical-ridden soap and do much more!

Grate about 100ml – 200ml of the soap and dissolve in one liter of hot water. We use a stick-blender to save time.

A soft gel forms which you then use for stains, dishwasher, washing machines, surfaces, bath, toilets, cars, dogs… ( I TOLD YOU ITS MULTI-USE!)

Dilute less for tougher stains on clothing – Blood, fat, etc., hair color stains on skin, carpets dilute more, use an empty spray bottle for a very effective window wash in/around the house and car windows, showers, bath/surfaces, cars, dishes, make-up brushes, etc.

Or "soap in" the stain let it have a rest overnight and wash as normal. This will work for modern cloth nappies as well as modern mama cloth.

🖤 More good news Roodt boerseep is a brilliant Personal care soap id you know Roodt boerseep is very gentle on the skin it assists in retaining the skin's natural moisture. Tallow is an excellent demulcent.  It is anti-inflammatory, a property owed to high CLA content, or conjugated linoleic acid, which is also detoxifying.

Helping to ease the effects of many skin conditions. (Safe for babies)

Bath and shave away🖤

Kind to the ecosystem. The greywater system is safe.

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