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Cotton Fleece Flats VALUE 10pk:

Pack consists of 10 Cotton Fleece flats.

LuLi&Co's 100% Cotton fleece flats are an upgrade from the old school terry squares, providing a super absorbent, soft and trim Nappy option.

Our Cotton Fleece flats are also a cost effective option for cloth diapering, versatile - folding in any style that suits your babys gender or size, and fast drying.

It is an ideal nighttime option boosted with either another padfolded flat in the wetzone or with our Booster pack, secure with a Snappi and worn with one of our Fleece Covers or Soakers.

Our Cotton Fleece flats are available in 3 sizes:

  • Small 50x50cm (Newborn 2kgs up to +- 7kgs)
  • Medium 60x60cm (4kgs to +- 9kgs)
  • Large 70x70cm (+-7kgs to potty learning)


•100% Cotton Fleece

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